Salsa Tasting Competition

If you’re a connoisseur of spice, our salsa cook-off and tasting is an event that will delight your senses.

Salsa Contestants

The contest is open to the public, with a $20 entry fee. All entries must prepare two (2) gallons of salsa before the cook-off. Bring your salsa and a ladle, all chips, serving cups, and gloves. Tables will be provided. Contestants may also sell jars of their salsa to the public for no additional charge, with a valid tax ID.

Tasting Participant Information

Tickets are $5 for all-you-can-handle chips and salsa, and you get to be the judge! The purchase of a ticket gives you the power to vote and decide the winner of our Grand Prize, The Salsa Cup!

May the Best Salsa Win!

All proceeds benefit the Denton Community Market. For questions or comments please contact Kati Trice, Salsa Cook Off Coordinator, at